Influencing EU agendas

Research is an increasingly collaborative endeavour.  The HRB supports aspects of key national strategy including the Ireland's current strategy for research and development, science and technology: Innovation2020 led by The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, which incorporates the Research Prioritisation exercise. 

There are also some areas of research such as tackling global challenges that require international collaboration.

Through participating in relevant international networks and organisations the HRB  brings the interests and priorities of research in Ireland into the spotlight in discussions and negotiations on European and international policy on research. The HRB provides the National Delegate role for the  EU Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 1 Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing ensuring a national input into the policy and strategy of health research in Europe and contributing to shaping content priorities in the relevant Work Programmes.  The HRB partnered with Research Funders in  Northern Ireland to develop an EU regional agenda on health and social care delivered under the EU Interreg VA programme. Read more about the HRB's involvement here.

The HRB also delivers the Irish input in strategic research collaboration between EU Member States as part of Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) for neurodegenerative diseases, antimicrobial resistence and food, nutrition, health and physical activity. Read more about the HRB's involvement  in JPIs here. In Europe, the HRB collaborates within Science Europe, a partnership of national research Funders playing an active role in Working Groups on Research Data, infrastructure and integrity.

By actively influencing European agendas, HRB promotes the connections between national and European research agendas. As a result, Irish researchers are better prepared when it comes to funding opportunities in European research programmes. Conversely, HRB policy is fuelled by developments in European policy and best practices of research funders in other countries.