EU4Health Programme (2021-2027)

EU4Health is one of the European Union's responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. With a total funding of €5.3 Billion, EU4Health represents an unprecedented level of financial commitment for Health actions in Europe. With an ambitious vision, this programme has the potential to be a game changer by strengthening and modernising health systems, reducing inequalities and overcoming shared challenges across the Union.

EU4Health will provide the means and the instruments for delivering on the EU Health policy. Four general objectives represent the breath and the ambitions of the programme:

  • Improve and foster health in the Union
  • Protect people from serious cross-border health threats
  • Improve access to medicinal products, medical devices, crisis-relevant products
  • Strengthen health systems.

2021 Work Programme:

The EU4Health work programme for 2021 was adopted by the Commission on the 24th June 2021. The programme provides funding to a level of €312M in the form of grants, prizes and procurement.

The 2021 Work programme supports a broad range of actions under four overarching “strands” with a cross-cutting focus on cancer. These include the following:

  • Crisis preparedness
  • Disease prevention
  • Health systems and the healthcare workforce
  • Digitalisation.

The first wave of calls for proposals were launched on the 25th June 2021 and are available and on the funding and tenders portal and in pdf format.

They are open for application on the 29th July with a deadline of 15th Sept 2021. The next wave of calls are due to be launched in August 2021.

Information sessions:

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety held virtual information sessions on the EU4helath programme in July 2021. Here are the video and power point presentations for the information sessions on action grants and public Procurement