Approval of host institutions

HRB Host Institution status is a requirement to submit an application under all of the HRB’s award schemes.

A detailed explanation of the HRB policy on the approval of host institutions can be found below:

HRB Policy on Approval of Host Institutions

Clinical Trials and Interventions Research Governance Policy

The Clinical Trials and Interventions Research Governance Policy sets out the HRB’s requirements for Host Institutions (“HIs”) before, during and after the conduct of clinical trials to ensure good research governance is adhered to.

This policy will form part of our grant general terms and conditions. This policy will cover clinical trials and interventions, including regulated and non-regulated trials, where the HRB is directly funding the trials through the following HRB schemes only:

  • Definitive Interventions and Feasibility Awards (DIFA) and
  • Clinical Trial Networks (CTNs); excluding Cancer Trials Ireland (CTI).

Clinical trials funded under the current CTI programme have a separate contract that governs CTI responsibilities. Similarly, clinical trials conducted in a HRB funded Clinical Research Infrastructure such as the HRB CRFs but not directly funded by the HRB, will have a separate contract.

HRB Policy on governance of Clinical Trials and Interventions

Co-funding partner approval

In the HRB-HRCI Joint Funding scheme, the HRB and HRCI charities jointly select and fund research projects carried out in a research performing organisation, which is a HRB Host Institution.

The Co-Funding Partner Approval Policy reflects this relationship between the partners, and can be found below:

HRB Policy on HRB-HRCI Co-Funding Partner Approval

Guidelines for host institutions on dealing with alleged misconduct in research

The HRB expects all of the researchers that it funds, both clinical and non-clinical, to adhere to the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of their research

The HRB guidelines to host institutions for dealing with alleged misconduct in research can be found below:

HRB Guidelines for Host Institutions on Dealing with Alleged Misconduct

Usage of research overheads

The HRB observes policies on the useo fo research overheads

A detailed explanation of the HRB policy on the use of research overheads can be found below

HRB Policy on Usage of Research Overheads