The Transfer of Awards

HRB Policy on the Transfer of Awards


The need may arise to transfer a HRB Research Award where a principal investigator (PI) takes up appointment at another research institution within Ireland. It is the policy of the HRB to facilitate the transfer of a Research Award where it is satisfied that such an action will not impact on the completion of the funded project according to the agreed budget, objectives and deliverables for that project. This document outlines the specific HRB policy in this regard, and the process and documentation required by the HRB to review and approve such a transfer request.


1. A request to change the host institution for a HRB Award must be made in writing by the current Host Institution before the anticipated end date of the Principal Investigator, a minimum of 1 month in advance of this date. Failure to provide timely notification to the HRB may result in disapproval of a request or delays in processing the request.

2. The HRB will not process any variation requests which are submitted after the end date of the grant. In such cases, all HRB funding remaining unspent at the end date of the grant must be returned to the HRB.

3. A request for transfer must provide justification, must assure the HRB that the scope of the previously agreed project will not be affected in any significant way as a result of the transfer and must formally agree to relinquish responsibility for the award. The HRB can apply conditions in issuing approval.

4. A request for transfer must include written agreement from the new host institution to accept responsibility for the award based on the previously agreed period and up to an amount not exceeding the balance of the funds remaining on the HRB research award.

5. Transfer of a HRB Research Award may only occur between recognised Host Institutions, as listed in Appendix II of the Policy on Host Institutions for HRB Research Awards.

6. Transfer of equipment purchased with HRB funds is permitted, provided that the current host institution agrees to relinquish responsibility of the equipment. At the same time, the new host institution must agree to accept responsibility for the equipment and assure the HRB that it can provide suitable accommodation for the equipment.

7. Transfer of the HRB Research Award must in no way impact on the agreed budget for the project and the budget will not be re-costed after transfer. Costs incurred as a result of the transfer shall not be borne by the HRB. Such costs include but are not confined to:

  • relocation costs of any type (personnel, equipment etc.)
  • laboratory or office renovations
  • establishment costs associated with the transfer (phone, IT, stationary, consumables etc.)

8. The contract with the current Host Institution will be assigned to the new Host Institution, taking into account the remaining period and budget balance of the grant.

Process and documentation required

The following process and documentation is required in order to formally effect a change to a host institution for a HRB Research Award:

A.        Current Host Institution Request Letter(s)

In line with the current HRB General Terms and Conditions for Research Awards which state that - the Grant is made personally to the Host Institution who shall not without the prior written consent of the HRB assign, transfer or sub-contract the benefit and/or burden of it to any other party:

 1.     The current HI must provide a letter to the HRB Research Strategy and Funding Directorate requesting approval for the transfer of the award(s). This letter must be signed by the Dean/ Vice-President for Research or equivalent.

 2.     The request letter(s) must address the following:

(a)    the nature of the proposed transfer and the award(s) involved in the change request.

(b)    confirmation of willingness to relinquish responsibility for administering the award(s) (including listing of equipment purchased with HRB funds, where appropriate).

(c)     assurance that there will be no significant changes to the agreed work programme(s) or staffing arrangements, and that the necessary infrastructure and supports are available at the new host institution.

(d)    where changes to animal licences, ethics or any other approvals are involved as a result of the transfer, details should be provided in this letter.

(e)    a financial statement (signed by the Finance Officer or equivalent) showing

a.     total budget for award

b.     expenditures to date

c.     balance of the award(s) up to the date of transfer

d.     redemption balance due for return to the HRB.

(f)     this letter and financial statement must be copied to the Dean/Vice-President for Research at the new Host Institution.


B.        Letter of confirmation from new Host Institution

1.      The new Host institution must signal its approval for the award transfer in a letter to the HRB Research Strategy and Funding Directorate. The letter must be signed by the Dean/Vice-President for Research or equivalent.

2.      The acceptance letter(s) must include the following:

(a)    confirmation that the new host institution is willing to accept responsibility for administering the award(s) (including equipment, where appropriate) and that the necessary infrastructure and supports are available at the new host institution to allow timely completion of the project(s).

(b)    an account reference(s) for the award(s) at the new Host Institution.


C.        Completion of Process

The HRB may request additional information as necessary to accomplish its review of the request. Receipt of a relinquishing statement from the current Host Institution does not in itself guarantee approval of a transfer request.


Approval of request for transfer

1.      Where a change is approved, the HRB will issue a consent document to the current HI and the new HI for signing by their respective Dean/Vice-Presidents for Research. A copy will be sent to the PI. 

2.      Transfer of monies will take place as follows:

(a)    The current Host Institution will return the balance of the award(s) to the HRB, as outlined in the financial statement appended to the request letter from the current Host Institution.

(b)    The new Host Institution will invoice the HRB for the balance of the award(s) as per the consent document and financial (Section A.2(e) above).

(c)     Further payment will be made as per the revised contract with the new Host Institution.

3.      The HRB will assign the contract to the new Host Institution in order that they may formally accept responsibility for administering the funding transferred and all future payments under the award(s).


Rejection of request for transfer

If suitable arrangements cannot be agreed, the HRB will consider withdrawing its support or terminating the award(s).


In all cases where you wish to transfer an award to another Host Institution (HI), the grant-holder should contact the HRB at grantchanges(at) as soon as possible before taking any other action in relation to this matter.