National Psychiatric In-Patient Reporting System (NPIRS)

The National Psychiatric In-Patient Reporting System (NPIRS) gathers data on patient admissions and discharges from psychiatric hospitals and units throughout Ireland.  The data collected have been reported annually since 1965 and play a central role in the planning of service delivery.  

How NPIRS data is collected

To participate in the NPIRS, please request training on NPIRS LINK by emailing:


The NPIRS data collection form captures:

  • administrative details;
  • demographic details;
  • diagnosis;
  • admission details;
  • discharge details.

NPIRS data collection form – PDF


View and search NPIRS data through tables on the Central Statistics Office (CSO) website.

Interactive tables containing data for each year are available at pxeirestat/pssn/hrb/homepagefiles/hrb_statbank.asp. This exciting initiative was developed in conjunction with the CSO and it allows the user access to readily-available data from the database over the last number of years.

(NB: click on link then scroll down on the left side of the page to the Health Research Board link)


Please consult the following document when reviewing and interpreting the data from the NPIRS database.