HRB Open Research Platform

HRB Open Research is a platform for HRB-funded researchers to rapidly publish their research outputs in an open and accessible way.

Seven reasons to publish with HRB Open Research:

  1. Fast:  Immediate publication means new findings can be shared without any delay.
  2. Inclusive: Supports the publication of a wide range of outputs - from standard research papers, to data sets, from new insights and findings whether confirmatory or negative.
  3. Value: The costs of publishing are covered by the HRB.
  4. Transparent: Peer reviewer reports are published alongside the research, supporting recognition of reviewers as well as improving transparency.
  5. Open: Authors, not editors, decide when to publish and what to publish.
  6. Reproducible: The inclusion of supporting data facilitates reanalysis, replication and reuse and thus improves reproducibility of research.
  7. Impact-focused: The use of research indicators allow authors and users to gauge the interest, reach, access and use of their research outputs.
  8. Recognised: HRB fully recognises HRB Open Research publications as key research outputs in its grant processes and evaluation.

HRB Open Research is now indexed in the PubMed database. Papers already on the platform may be ‘back-indexed’ and it acts as an additional incentive for the research community to use this valuable asset.