Next steps

If your proposal is successful– congratulations! Horizon Europe is a highly competitive programme and even excellent proposals are not guaranteed success, so securing funding is a great achievement. 

Once you have received confirmation, the remaining steps of grant preparation for your project are now carried out on the EU Research Funding and Tenders Portal. Support is available for the completion of the EU Portal data. 

Grant agreement and consortium agreement

The European Commission will contact the project coordinator with next steps for the grant preparation phase and data to be entered in the Research Participant Portal. All consortium partners will be requested to assign legal (PLSIGN) and financial (PFSIGN) signatories to the project within the same portal. The legal signatories will be asked to electronically sign the ‘Declaration of Honour’ once all data has been submitted, and the coordinator’s legal signatory will sign the grant agreement once the submission has been reviewed by the Commission. 

Finally, the grant agreement is signed by the Commission and each partner must sign the ‘accession to the grant agreement’ via the Portal. Read more on the grant signature process

As a general rule, the partners must also prepare a Consortium Agreement – an internal agreement setting out the rights and obligations of each member for implementing the grant. More information is available in this European Commission guide

The legal and financial set-up of the grant agreement is covered in Annex G of the Work Programme (General Annexes to the current Work Programmme can be downloaded from our website here) and additional advice is available in this Commission webinar on grant agreement preparation


What your NCP can do for you

The Horizon Europe Health NCP can provide advice on the next steps once your proposal has been accepted, and can point you to a range of resources to support you as you conclude the grant agreement and move on to the implementation stage. 


Beyond your research project – shaping future EU research policy

If you are interested in getting more involved in the world of EU health research funding, there are many ways you can contribute to help shape future Horizon Europe Health calls. Get in touch with the NCP for opportunities to engage with the Horizon Europe Health National Delegate, who works with the European Commission and EU Member States to define and agree the input into the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan and the Health Work Programmes. Keep an eye out for public consultations run by the Commission on future funding topics. And by participating as a Horizon evaluator or joining EU research policy working groups, you can learn more about the European research funding landscape while building your network with researchers across the globe.

Want to know more? Contact your HRB Health NCP Irene Castellano or the Horizon Europe Health Delegate Patricia Clarke.