Latest disability data

National Ability Supports System (NASS) - infographics and reports.

Limited data for 2021 is available on request. Please contact


DOWNLOAD: NASS 2020 infographic and full report

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Supplementary reports

Intellectual disability infographic

DOWNLOAD: Intellectual disability infographic and supplementary report

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Physical & sensory disability infographic

DOWNLOAD: Physical & sensory disability infographic and supplementary report

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Autism infographic

DOWNLOAD: Autism infographic and supplementary report

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About NASS - National Ability Supports System

NASS is a national database that records information about HSE disability‐funded services that are received or required as a result of an intellectual disability, developmental delay, physical, sensory, neurological, learning, speech/language disability or autism. The purpose of NASS is to gather information to underpin the planning, development and organisation of disability‐funded services. A person is eligible to be registered on NASS if they receive or require (now or within the next five years) a disability‐funded service.

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