EU4Health 2024 Funding opportunities

The European Commission has launched the 2024 Work Programme of EU4Health. With a total budget of over €750 million for the year, it will bring together a range of calls under five main strands: 

  • Crisis preparedness (over €485 million in funding available) 

  • Health promotion & disease prevention (over €70 million in funding available) 

  • Health systems & healthcare workforce (over €41 million in funding available) 

  • Digital (over €25 million in funding available) 

  • Cancer (over €117 million in funding available) 


The Work Programme in full is available to download here.  A factsheet with a summary of the main points can be downloaded here.  

There are a number of calls open at the moment (see below), however, the majority of open calls for action grants will launch later in the year.  Please refer to the tentative calendar for up-to-date indicative publication dates.  


Open Calls: 


Operating Grants

Operating grants to non-governmental organisations: financial contribution to the functioning of health non-governmental bodies. Total estimated value €9.0 millionDeadline 31 January 2024 16:00

A dedicated info session took place on 12 December 2023.



  1. Single Framework Contracts to support training programmes and tabletop exercises on preparedness and response to cross-border health threats including medical countermeasures. HADEA/2023/OP/0039 Total estimated value €25.0 million. Deadline 2 February 2024:
  • Lot 1 Design and delivery of training courses and development of eLearning (€16.0 million)
  • Lot 2 Design and delivery of simulation exercises (€9.0 million) 


      2. Capacity Building to Support the Uptake of Biosimilars in a Multistakeholder Approach. HADEA/2023/OP/0040(Est. value €1.5 million; deadline 9 February

      3. Study on the Quality of Life of Cancer Patients and Survivors. HADEA/2023/OP/0038  (Est. value €1.5 million; deadline 1 March).

      4. Building Capacity and Knowledge for the Implementation of the EU Health Technology Assessment Regulation. HADEA/2023/OP/0032 (Est. value €1.0 million; deadline 13 March)


Upcoming calls



  • Speed up the development, availability and access to anti-tuberculosis medicines for children. HADEA/2023/OP/0052 - PIN  (Est. value €5 million)

Further calls are expected throughout 2024 in the areas of crisis preparedness, health promotion & disease prevention, cancer, health systems & healthcare workforce and digital.



Our HRB National Focal Point for EU4Health Dr Amanda Daly ( is available to provide guidance on the programmme and current calls, and can answer any questions you may have.

For more information on the EU4Health programme, watch back our recent webinar here