Public reviews now integrated into HRB funding decisions

For the first time, feedback from public reviewers have been used to help influence HRB funding decisions.

Read more - Public reviews and funding decisions
Mr Dan Rea

COVID-19 trial opening to Irish patients

Irish patients with COVID-19 can soon take part in the WHO Solidarity clinical trial for COVID-19 which will start in the coming days.

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medical equipment in ICU

Truth and trust in health research

HRB online conference aims to build trust in research evidence to support informed health decisions

View conference programme
truth and trust in health research revealed from paper ripped back

Research career opportunities for Anaesthesiologists

The HRB, the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland (CAI), and the Irish Clinical Academic Training programme (ICAT) come together to boost research careers amongst Ireland's future academic clinicians.

Read more - Research career opportunities for Anaesthesiologists
anesthesiologist workign with surgeon to sedate a patient before surgery

New research projects to tackle COVID-19

A total of 26 rapid response research projects will get underway this week as part of the national, coordinated research and innovation funding response to the COVID-19 pandemic involving Ireland’s leading funding and innovation agencies.

COVID-19 Rapid response research projects
COVID-19 rapid response funding call logo

Ireland to participate in global clinical trial for Covid-19

HRB mobilises rapid support for a COVID-19 clinical trial among Irish patients in Intensive Care Units as part of global research efforts to tackle the pandemic.

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intensive care unit monitor

HRB invests €7.5m to support new research leaders

The investment will support five new research leaders to conduct research programmes that will deliver evidence to directly inform changes in health policy and practice.

Research leaders awards - read more
stack of cubes to symbolise ideas

COVID-19: Impact on funded research

The Irish Research Council (IRC), Health Research Board (HRB) and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) issue a joint statement.

Research funders joint statement
COVID-17 Coronavirus

How HRB grant funding panel reviews work

We have created two video animations that describe what happens to your grant application from the point when you press ‘submit’ until you get the results.

Watch the animations
Screenshot of You Tube video animation with the text 'What happens after submitting an application to the HRB?'

Climbing the health research career ladder

The HRB is investing €5million to advance research careers of five emerging medical leaders and improve health outcomes for the patients in their specialty areas.

Read about the five new Emerging Clinician Scientists awards
Ground level view of three small saplings, getting progressively larger from left to right

International Women’s Day 2020 - Competition

The Health Research Board is giving away a €250 book voucher to one lucky person who strikes the #EachforEqual pose.

Read - International Women’s Day 2020
Sonam Banka, HRB, makes the #EachforEqual pose

Webinar on new HRB policy for management and sharing of research data

Aileen Sheehy, HRB, will give a 20-minute webinar that outlines the new requirements of the HRB's new Management and sharing of research data policy. The webinar will take place at 3.00 pm Thursday 13 February 2020.

Policy for management and sharing of research data
files and folders in a network

HRB staff to present at Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2020

The conference (9-11 March 2020 in Dublin castle) is the leading forum globally for alcohol policy makers, advocates, researchers, civil society activists and practitioners to discuss reducing alcohol-related harm on a global level.

Read more - HRB staff at GAPC 2020
Dublin Castle courtyard

Training people to apply research in clinical practice

The HRB is investing €4.5 million to train health practitioners and academics to PhD level doing research that will improve care for stroke patients, target chronic disease and tackle diabetic foot disease.

Read more about our investment in research training to improve care
Four hands holding jigsaw pieces

Time to rethink heart disease risk assessments?

Congratulations to Ben Loughnane from Kinsale Community School who won both the HRB Special Prize and came first place in the Social and Behavioural Sciences Category Intermediate Awards for his intriguingly named project 'A statistical investigation into the power of zero'. The project looked at a new way to better estimate your heart attack risk.

BT Young Scientist - HRB Special Prize winner 2020
Ben Loughnane. HRB Special Prize winner 2020

No major changes in psychiatric inpatient census

2,308 patients were resident in Irish psychiatric units and hospitals on Census night (31 March 2019) according to the latest report from the HRB

Read about psychiatric inpatient census
Main diagnosis among psychiatric inpatients

Health research in action

Get a good sense of some of the discoveries and outcomes that the HRB is supporting across many areas of health.

Read Health Research in Action
Health Research in Action cover

HRB publishes latest outputs and outcomes report

Find out more about the emerging impacts from our €47 million investment in 187 awards that were completed during 2016 and 2017.

Read more about HRB outputs and outcomes
Graph from the outputs and impacts report

HRB publishes latest drug-related deaths figures

Mixing drugs, alcohol and prescribable drugs continue to dominate poisoning deaths.

Read about drug-related deaths

Laying foundations for secure data linkage to improve health

HRB fund a pilot project to design and develop the infrastructure needed to share and link health data securely.

Read more about data linkage pilot

HRB investment in Research Leaders proves successful

New HRB report evaluates the impact of a €38 million investment to develop research leaders across numerous health specialties in the past 15 years.

Read report
arrows with one standing out

Alcohol treatment in Ireland 2018

Latest HRB figures show seven-in-ten cases were already dependent on alcohol when presenting for treatment.

Alcohol treatment - read more
Infographic showing number treated for alcohol

HRB report sharp rise in cocaine treatment

The latest drug treatment figures from the Health Research Board (HRB) show a 50% increase in the number of cases presenting for cocaine treatment between 2017 and 2018.

Drug treatment - press release
2,254 cocaine cases, 80% males, 30 years median age, 35% employed

New HRB study examines alcohol-related harms in Ireland

Binge drinking among low to moderate risk drinkers accounts for most alcohol-related harm in the population.

News story - alcohol-related harms
Coloured outline of drinking glasses

Fire-related deaths in Ireland: HRB publishes new research

Older people, single people, men and those living in rural areas are at higher risk of dying in residential fires. Alcohol is a factor in more than half of fatal fires in Ireland.

Press release - fire related deaths in Ireland
emergency service vehicle lights at night time

European drug report published

Find out about the latest drug trends across Europe

Read European drug report

The Health Research Board compares the Irish drug situation with the rest of Europe

Read EU-Ireland drug comparison

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