Grant amendments

Grant Amendments

The need may arise to amend the Commencement date or End date of a grant. It is the policy of the HRB to facilitate such an amendment to the grant where it is satisfied that such an action will ensure the completion of the funded project in accordance with the agreed budget, objectives and deliverables for that project. This policy covers deferral of the Commencement date of a grant or  suspension of a grant for a fixed period.



1. The HRB may approve a once-off request to:

  • A deferral of the Commencement Date of the grant from that which was identified by the Host Institution (HI) and confirmed by the Principal Investigator (PI) in their respective declarations furnished with or subsequent to the Acceptance Documentation
  • A suspension of a grant for a fixed period of time

Requests to extend the term of an active grant, at no cost to the HRB, (a No Cost Extension) are outlined  on our No Cost Extension page.


2. A request for deferral, suspension or no-cost extension must be made in writing by the Host Institution (HI) on the form provided. Failure to provide timely notification to the HRB shall result in the rejection of a request or delays in processing the request.

3. In making a request for deferral or suspension the HI must provide justification and must assure the HRB that the amendment is required to ensure completion of the previously agreed project within the funds already made available.    

4. The deferral or suspension must in no way impact on the agreed budget, objectives and deliverables of the project and the budget will not be re-costed to accommodate the amendment.

5. The HRB will not process any variation requests which are submitted after the end date of the grant. In such cases, all HRB funding remaining unspent at the end date of the grant must be returned to the HRB.a request or delays in processing the request.


Process and documentation required

The following process and documentation is required in order to formally effect a deferral  or suspension of a HRB Research Award:

1. The HI must return a completed HRB Grant Amendment Request Form to the HRB Research Strategy and Funding Directorate.

2. The HI must address the following in the Grant Amendment Form:

  • the reasons for the proposed amendment and the award(s) involved in the request.
  • assurance that there will be no significant changes to the agreed work programme(s), objectives or deliverables, and that the necessary infrastructure and supports will continue to be available to complete the work.
  • where changes to animal licences, ethics or any other approvals are involved as a result of the amendment, details should be provided on the form.

3. Where a deferral or suspension is approved, the HRB will issue a letter of confirmation to the Host Institution, copied to the Principal Investigator.

4. Completed request forms should be sent via email to: