The Patrick Quinn Awards for Parkinson’s Research

The Patrick Quinn Awards for Parkinson’s Research scheme aims to fund teams to conduct excellent research which will have direct relevance in the short-term for people with Parkinson’s, their families or carers, or the health care professionals and other organisations who are involved in delivering health and social care for this patient population.

Scheme at a glance

Career stage
  • Mid career
  • Senior career
Research area
  • Health services research
  • Patient-oriented and clinical research
  • Population health research
Funding available Between €100,000 and €250,000 (inclusive of overheads)
Duration of funding 12 – 24 months

Additional Information

The Patrick Quinn Awards for Parkinson’s Research scheme provides support for research projects that are clearly focused on the needs of people in Ireland with Parkinson’s, their families and carers, including health services research that addresses their needs.

The focus of research should be to improve health outcomes, as well as to deliver benefits and improvements to the lives of people with Parkinson’s, their families and carers in Ireland. This could focus on symptom improvement, improving quality of life, and research on access to health and social care within the Irish system. In line with identified gaps in knowledge raised by the Parkinson’s Association, research relating to the epidemiology of Parkinson’s disease in Ireland is also invited.

On behalf of HRB and the Medical Council, using the generous gift from the late Mr Patrick Quinn, the HRB are now inviting applications for the PQA Funding Scheme 2019.


Applications should be made on behalf of a team which is made up of researchers, knowledge users and people with Parkinson’s, family members or carers or a relevant patient representative organisation/charity (PPI contributors). The applicant team should designate a Lead Applicant from the Research team, a Lead Applicant from the Knowledge User team, and a Lead PPI Contributor.


All applications must be made using the HRB Grant Electronic Management System (GEMS) . GEMS will close automatically at the deadline.

The application must have been reviewed and approved by the signatory approver at the research office (or equivalent) in the host institution before it is submitted to the HRB. Therefore, applicants should ensure that they give the signatory approver sufficient time before the scheme closing date to review the application and approve it on GEMS. Please note that many host institutions specify internal deadlines for this procedure.


Dr Kit Chan
Project Officer (Pre-Award)
Research Strategy and Funding Directorate
Health Research Board
t +353 1 2345 181

Opening date
12:00 10-12-2018
Closing date
13:00 21-02-2019
Decision expected
August 2019