Staphylococcus Great Britain and Ireland 2023

This biannual event, which has been running for over 20 years, brings together the research community in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK working on all aspects of Staphylococcal Diseases. Staphylococci, including MRSA, are leading causes of bacterial infection in both hospitals and the community. New antibiotic development has not been able to keep pace with the emergence of so-called antibiotic-resistant superbugs (including MRSA) creating a silent antibiotic resistance pandemic and a 2016 UK-government commissioned report has warned that, without intervention, infections caused by antibiotic-resistant pathogens will be responsible for more deaths than cancer in 2050. MRSA alone ranks as the 6th most common cause of bacterial infection and #1 in terms of mortality, despite most patients being treated with currently available anti-staphylococcal drugs.

The major goal of StaphGBI 2023 will be to provide early career researchers with the opportunity to share their discoveries with an audience of their peers and leading Staphylococcal researchers. In addition, this event plays a crucial roles in fostering new collaborations in the Staphylococcal research community and augmenting existing collaborative links. StaphGBI 2023 will be divided into 6 sessions ranging from genomics to clinical microbiology and new therapeutics. There will be one invited keynote speaker, Prof Vinai Thomas, from the University of Nebraska Medical Centre, Omaha. This workshop will be hosted by the University of Galway, where accommodation will be made available to the approximately 100 delegates expected to attend. The Organising committee is chaired by Dr Merve Zeden and Prof Jim O'Gara, who are joined by collaborator Prof Eoghan O'Neill, RCSI and members of O'Gara group members Dr Rakesh Roy, Aaron Nolan, Orla Burke and Chloe Hobbs. The Organising Committee will select the oral and poster presentations from submitted abstracts. All delegates who submit an abstract will have the opportunity to present a poster.

Award Date
05 April 2023
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Dr Merve Suzan Zeden
Host Institution
University of Galway
Conference and Event Sponsorship Scheme