Irish Clinical Academic Training: An All-Ireland Integrated Training Programme for Clinical Academics

The Irish Clinical Academic Training Programme (ICAT-1) was established with the vision of changing the training landscape for clinician scientists on the island of Ireland. The proposed ICAT-2 will advance the achievements of ICAT-1 and is the next step in developing clinical academics of the future across the spectrums of health. We will incorporate dental, veterinary and human health disciplines, working together for the future health of all with a focus on One Health. ICAT-2 will continue to deliver our key commitment to providing clinical academic training to excellent clinical trainees, within a well-supported, mentored environment in an all-Ireland partnership.  
ICAT-2 will provide clinical academic training to fellows within a well-resourced infrastructure, designed to build their potential to become world-class future clinical academic leaders. We will deliver a programme which is focused on global health challenges to: 

  1. Implement integrated clinical and academic training across all specialties of human medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry in a fair, diverse and balanced manner. 
  1. Train clinical academics of the highest international calibre. 
  1. Foster a positive, respectful research culture which embraces cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional, cross-border, collaborative research. 
  1. Align with key national and international healthcare and research strategies translationally focused on relevant and important knowledge gaps. 


ICAT-2 training fellowships prioritise fellow-needs and commit to matching the excellence of the fellows with excellent mentorship and diverse cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional supervision. ICAT-1 lies at the heart of clinical academic training across the island and has directly influenced the expansion of training opportunities for clinical fellows at pre-PhD, postdoctoral and intermediate career stages; ICAT-2 will continue to advocate for further opportunities throughout the training pathway.
Collectively ICAT-2 will shape a research landscape to (i) advance biomedical science and health research, (ii) promote understanding of the shared future of human, animal and environmental health, (iii) deliver future-ready, relevant translational patient-focused solutions.

Award Date
01 April 2022
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Michael Dennedy
Host Institution
National University of Ireland, Galway
National integrated PhD programme for Medical Practitioners