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Funding Awarded

3 awards

  • HRB Collaboration in Ireland for Clinical Effectiveness Reviews (HRB-CICER)

    Through the National Clinical Effectiveness Committee (NCEC), the Minister for Health mandates clinical guidelines as National Clinical Guidelines for use in public healthcare in Ireland. The goal of the guidelines is to promote healthcare that is current, effective and consistent, ensuring best outcomes for patients and service users....

  • HRB Centre for Primary Care Research

    The HRB Centre for Primary Care Research (CPCR- is focussing on improving the quality and safety of medicines to vulnerable patient groups in Ireland, building upon observational epidemiology completed and published during the first phase of funding. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)...

  • HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research

    The vision for the Centre for the next five years:
    The overall vision for the CHDR over the next five years is to contribute to the promotion of the health and wellbeing of the population through the development of a sustainable and internationally competitive National Research Centre for Public Health Nutrition which will: