ICORG communications manager

2016 will mark the 20th anniversary of ICORG's formation. There are a range of public engagement activities on the agenda but in order to co-ordinate them ICORG will need an in-house communications function.
Activities will include;
1. Short documentary-style videos on patient experience, innovative research activities and new studies for website, social media and presentations. 2. Revamp of the ICORG website and incorporate a public-facing image with accessible information on current studies and peer to peer information on participating in clinical trials. 3. Media interviews with key ICORG PI's and staff to a lay audience on current studies and outcomes of past studies. 4. Organisation of an international conference in Dublin on expert cancer patients' involvement in clinical research. Leading patient advocates in the field to be invited e.g.. Jan Geissler, Director of EUPATI and Eric Low, CEO of Myeloma U.

Award Date
23 October 2015
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Ms Eibhlin Mulroe
Host Institution
Irish Clinical Oncology Research Group Ltd
Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme