Irish Primary Care Trials Network (IPC Trials Network)

Primary care, provided mainly by your local general practitioner (GP), is the first port of call for most patients when sick, and is where over 90% of all health problems can be addressed. GPs and their team make decisions every day on how best to treat each patient they meet. It is important that GPs can draw on firm evidence to make decisions on what medication or treatment is right for each patient. Clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a medication or treatment is safe and effective for humans and they often also explore which of two or more approaches works best for patients. Clinical trials are a very effective way of establishing firm evidence about which medications and treatments are best for specific health problems.
The aim of the proposed Health Research Board Irish Primary Care Trials Network is to bring together all the key people in Ireland who are interested in running clinical trials in primary care, trials that will involve GPs and their patients. The Network will support these people to work closely together to plan and conduct clinical trials and to share the results with GPs and patients.
The Network will initially conduct two large clinical trials: one trial explores whether an antibiotic or an over-the counter pain-killer has a better outcome for patients with simple urinary tract infections; the second trial aims to help GPs to prescribe the most appropriate combination of medications for older patients who are already on a lot of different drugs. In addition to these two trials, the Network will also do some preliminary work exploring patient safety in primary care and will investigate how best to recruit patients and GPs into clinical trials. Finally, the Network will focus on delivering education on clinical trials to primary care staff.

Award Date
12 December 2014
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Andrew Murphy
Host Institution
National University of Ireland, Galway
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