EU4Health 2023 Funding opportunities

The European Commission launched the 2023 annual work programme of EU4Health, the EU’s biggest and most diverse public health funding programme ever. With a total budget of €735 million for 2023, it will bring together a range of calls under five main strands:

  • Cancer research: Cancer remains a top priority of EU4Health in 2023, with €187 million allocated to the implementation of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. This includes funding for the initiative to develop an EU Network of Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures, linking recognised Comprehensive Cancer Centres and cancer care networks in every Member State. Other cancer actions include the follow up of 2022 actions on screening programmes, while the mental health of cancer patients is now a priority for the first time.
  • Crisis preparedness: The focus here will be on supporting the establishment and management of the new European Health Emergency preparedness and Response Authority (HERA), in particular improving and strengthening national surveillance systems.
  • Health promotion and disease prevention: Calls in this area will zone in on tobacco control, as well as the prevention of non-communicable diseases with a focus on respiratory diseases, mental health and dementia.
  • Health systems and healthcare workforce: The 2023 work programme prioritises European reference networks (ERNs) and supports for implementation of legislative changes in areas such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals and blood tissues, cells and organs.
  • Digital: Calls here will support Member States in preparing for the European Health Data Space in the areas of primary and secondary use of health data.  

The Work Programme in full is available to download from the European Commission.