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Funding Awarded

4 awards

  • Plasma-based therapies for bone infection

    Orthopaedic infection is life-threatening and current treatments are only sparingly successful. Despite aggressive peri-operative antibiotic treatments, 1.5% of knee revisions, 0.7 to 11.9%, of spinal infections (depending on the complexity of the procedure) and up to 27% of open fractures become infected. Moreover, the complexity of...

  • Prediction of radiation toxicity in prostate cancer patients using Raman spectroscopy

    There are no tests currently available to predict an individual patient's response to radiotherapy. Some patients experience severe long term side effects months and even years after their treatment has finished and these effects can be permanent. For example, some prostate cancer patients develop life-changing bowel and urinary...

  • Ancient genomics and the Atlantic burden

    WT Scheme: Investigator Award in Science.

    Massive human genome resequencing projects are in train to further the understanding of the genetic contributions to disease. However these offer a limited view of genome genealogies, variant history and past selection, all of which are instrument to the models underpinning genomic...

  • Staphylococcus aureus induced immunosuppressive memory: Consequences for bug and for host

    WT Scheme: Investigator Award in Science.

    Antimicrobial resistance by Staphylococcus aureus is a global epidemic. New approaches based on induction of immune responses that control/prevent S. aureus infection, are required. This necessitates a thorough understanding of the unique relationship cultivated by S. aureus with the...