Translating the tailoring process to improve the implementation of diabetes care.

Our application supports the CUSTOMISE project funded by a HRB Research Leader Award. Our project which is looking at how to implement effective programmes in the health service in a way that is acceptable and practical for health professionals and service users. One such programme is the DAFNE self-management programme for adults with type 1 diabetes which is being delivered by teams of health professionals across Ireland. We are working with these teams to design implementation strategies to support DAFNE, taking into account their local circumstances. This process is known as tailoring. 

With this award, we want to achieve two things:

  1. Increase the translation of findings from the CUSTOMISE project into policy and practice by hosting a knowledge exchange seminar attended by researchers, health professionals, policy makers and people with diabetes.
  2. Improve the communication, understanding and application of implementation science concepts, particularly the tailoring process

First, we will bring together researchers, health professionals, policy makers and people with diabetes at a ‘knowledge exchange’ seminar. This will be an opportunity to share our findings on the challenges to DAFNE implementation and evidence-based solutions. It will be an opportunity for health professionals and people with diabetes to share their experience delivering and participating in DAFNE. Finally, it will be an opportunity to engage with policy makers and implementation facilitators to improve programme uptake and sustainability.

Second, we will design videos on the tailoring process suitable for researchers and health professionals interested in and responsible for implementation. We will use the DAFNE tailoring project as a case study, featuring stories from health professionals who participated in the study. With input from collaborators, we will design material that is relevant and applicable to accelerate the translation of evidence into practice for the benefit of people delivering and using health services in Ireland.

Award Date
12 September 2022
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Dr Sheena McHugh
Host Institution
University College Cork
Knowledge Translation Awards