Towards dynamic resilience in health system performance and reform

Worldwide increases in life expectancy are leading to the rapid ageing of populations. By 2031, it is forecasted that there will be more than one million older adults in Ireland, representing 20% of our overall population. It is widely accepted that older adults frequently avail of health services in the community and in the hospital but that these services are often disjointed, particularly when older adults move between care settings (e.g. from the hospital to the community).

This programme of research concentrates on older adults who are discharged to the community after they present to the Emergency Department (ED) because research indicates that these older adults can be at risk of poor outcomes following ED discharge.

This proposal aims to develop and evaluate a streamlined and coordinated care pathway so that these older adults get the care that they need, when they need it, in a straightforward way that achieves the desired results for them and provides value for money.

This overall aim will be achieved through examining international models of best practice, examining local and national data on older adults trends in healthcare use and meaningful engagement with older adults and their families and carers, advocacy groups, health-decision makers and health-practitioners.

This programme of work responds to key priorities identified in national and international ageing, emergency care and integrated care strategies relating to the development and delivery of care pathways that are responsive to the changing needs and preferences of older adults.

This research programme aims to evaluate and enhance the resilience of the Irish health system to recover from austerity, improve health system performance and deliver effective reform, in the shape of Sl√°intecare. It also aims to develop a dynamic theory of health system resilience.

Award Date
14 February 2020
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Dr Steve Thomas
Host Institution
Trinity College Dublin
RL PA 2020