The Irish Stroke Clinical Trials Network

Background: Stroke is the second leading cause of death in the world, leading cause of new disability, and a major cause of dementia and health costs. Stroke Research Networks have been established in the UK, North America, and Australia, leading to improvements in stroke treatments.
Aim: We aim to set up a Stroke Clinical Trials Network of eight leading Irish hospitals linked with all six Irish universities, Hospital Groups, and Clinical Research Centres. We aim to set up governance, management, training, communications, and fundraising work-streams. This will improve our ability to do high-quality clinical trials of new treatments to prevent strokes, treat them in emergency settings, and improve recovery. This will increase access of Irish patients to new treatments. We will lead one new international clinical trial.
Methods: A Management Committee, Advisory Group, Coordinating Centre Team, and Hospital Operations Teams will be set up, working with international Stroke Networks. Partnerships will be set up with other HRB-funded initiatives to improve the study of methods of clinical trials, Data Management and MRI scanning. Strategic plans will be made for Research, Sustainability, and Communications. We will link with patient groups, policy-makers, the Health Service Executive, research funders, private industry and health professionals. We will raise funds for new trials from private industry, Irish research agencies, and international funders, such as the EU Horizon 2020 programme.
We will work with doctors and nurses doing current stroke trials and we will lead one new large international trial, to investigate low-dose colchicine (a medicine traditionally used for gout) versus placebo (sugar pill) on top of usual treatment to prevent heart attacks and second stroke after a first stroke. We will develop further new trials also.

Award Date
12 December 2014
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Peter J Kelly
Host Institution
University College Dublin
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