Translating critical care research into clinical practice

We are currently funded by the HRB to conduct clinical trials to determine which treatments may help patients who are critically ill. We have recently completed important research and the results will be published in a highly regarded medical journal in October. However it can take a long time between publication and improvements in patient care. One of the reasons is that there are hundreds of different journals for people to read and it can be hard to figure out what the results mean to patients.
We want to improve discussion of the results of clinical trials in a number of important ways - by creating podcasts and videocasts where we will interview experts discussing the findings of our's and others important trials, and twitter chats to allow as many interested people to openly discuss their findings. We want to work closely with a new website developed by an Irish doctor that makes it easier for busy doctors and nurses figure out what recent studies are worth reading more about (
We also want to improve the understanding of how to design, complete and interpret clinical trials properly. We will run a special course in Dublin to teach Irish researchers how to do the best research. Colleagues form intensive care clinical trials group in Australia and New Zealand will assist us conduct this course. In addition, we will video this and interview these doctors, so that we can make this resource available to all.

Award Date
23 October 2015
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Alistair Nichol
Host Institution
University College Dublin
Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme