The Hospital Doctor Retention and Motivation (HDRM) project

Ireland is losing almost as many doctors to emigration as it trains each year. This rate of doctor emigration is a threat to the future of the health system, which may run short of doctors to staff its hospitals. So far, Ireland's solution has been to recruit doctors from other countries. One in three doctors in Ireland is from another country. In hospitals, three in four junior hospital doctors are from overseas. The Irish health system has been changing the doctors in the system instead of improving the working conditions of hospital doctors. Better working conditions might encourage doctors to stay working in Ireland's hospitals. Therefore, this project wants to know why Ireland's hospital doctors do not want to stay in Ireland. It also wants to develop ideas for how to encourage its doctors to stay and work in Ireland. The project will focus on the hospital workplace and will conduct surveys and interviews with hospital doctors about what motivates them and what would encourage them to stay or leave Ireland. We believe that the amount of work that a doctor is expected to do and the type of support available to help them to do that work, make a big difference. We will develop a profile of the different types of hospital workplaces, which will help employers to better understand what might keep doctors in Ireland. We want to ensure that the HDRM project produces information that is useful to policy makers and can help them to encourage doctors to remain working in Irish hospitals. Hence, we will work closely with policy makers to make sure that the information we collect is useful to them and helps them to improve the working conditions for hospital doctors in Ireland.

Award Date
03 July 2017
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Dr Niamh Humphries
Host Institution
Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
Emerging Investigator Awards