The Art of Pregnancy

The Art of Pregnancy is an exciting and ambitious public outreach exhibition and programme supported by the HRB Mother and Baby CTN togther with the Science Gallery Dublin as a key partner.

For this project we want to commission (via an open call process) a group of artists to create works inspired by the wide ranging areas of interest of the CTN, and for these works to be exhibited in Science Gallery, and other venues around the country. The works would revolve around the areas of research that the CTN is currently undertaking, from maternal-fetal medicine to midwifery, preeclampsia to persistent pulmonary hypertension, diabetes to doppler scans.

The exhibition would be supplemented by talks and events, hosted in the partner hospitals, universities and the Science Gallery. An online outreach campaign would be developed to support the exhibition, continuing on the online outreach of the CTN to date.

After the initial exhibition, the pieces would travel to the selected Network partner hospitals and academic institutions, and also be developed into an online resource to be enjoyed by the broadest spectrum of people as possible.

The Art of Pregnancy project aims to facilitate a conversation about pregnancy conditions and issues, like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, while also tackling wide reaching issues in the perinatal space, like advancing maternal age and rising obesity. We hope that through this unique exploration of these topics we can empower patients through education and promote increased public interest and awareness of this crucial area of health research.


Award Date
28 September 2017
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Fergal Malone
Host Institution
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme