From episodic care to disease prevention and management: Developing analytical skills and interdisciplinary learning from the case of HPV related cancers

This study will develop analysis techniques and interdisciplinary learning from cases of Human Papilloma Virus [HPV]-related cancers, specifically cervical pre-cancer/cancer and head and neck cancer. During this proposal the team of research fellows will be able to further develop and help to build the future research leaders in this area. The Fellows will be based in CERVIVA [], which is a long-established, highly successful, and internationally recognized, inter-disciplinary and trans-sectoral research consortium. CERVIVA aims to advance high-quality research that provides the best possible information and guidance in the delivery of services for HPV-related disease. This research programme will address key knowledge gaps and challenges facing policy-makers, health service providers and health professionals in Ireland and internationally. This study aims to identify the pattern, cause, and effects to health effects from HPV (epidemiology), specifically in the development of head and neck cancer by examining population prevalence of HPV infection in the oral cavity, and developing a biological model of HPV-induced head and neck cancer using computational mathematics. From a health economics perspective the programme will look at how cost-effective it will be to introduce host disease protein markers into cervical screening programmes and will examine differences in costs and effects of different strategies for the treatment of head and neck cancer. With the main objectives to identify the potential gains from early stage detection.
The health psychology/intervention development component of the programme will develop innovative ways to reduce psychological after-effects in women undergoing colposcopy and related procedures for cervical pre-cancer and support health professionals in discussing HPV with head and neck cancer patients. Ultimately the programme will lead to improvements in health services and population health in Ireland.

Award Date
26 June 2015
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor John O'Leary
Host Institution
Trinity College Dublin
Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement Awards