Taking a World Cafe approach to improving understanding of psychosis and establishing a psychosis research PPI network

The primary aim of this project is to establish a psychosis research PPI network in Ireland. This will be done via a process of meaningful engagement and dialogue with people with lived experience of psychosis and other individuals and organisations with an interest in psychosis.

Specifically, we propose to host a series of PPI-focused world café events with individuals with lived experience of psychosis, family members/friends of those with psychosis and with others who work in the field of mental health. These will be followed by a further event, aimed at establishing a PPI psychosis network for this project and for others that follow.  

Through these world café PPI events, we hope to deepen our own understanding of people’s lived experiences of psychosis in Ireland through meaningful dialogue and conversation. As part of the process, we will explore the translational implications and challenges that could arise in the context of biomarker discoveries related to this grant. A central aim for this process and a response to the absence of a strong Irish PPI network in mental health research (and psychosis research in particular), is to use this world café process to develop a PPI psychosis network in Ireland. Our goal is to ensure that any such network is established through meaningful engagement and guided by the needs and wishes of those with lived experience of psychosis. Not only will the establishment of such a PPI network will support this grant but for others that follow.

Award Date
12 September 2022
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor David Cotter
Host Institution
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Knowledge Translation Awards