Together against HIV: raising awareness and knowledge through documented real-life experiences and research discovery

There were approximately 2 million new HIV infections and 1.5 million HIV-related deaths worldwide in 2013, demonstrating the need for educational campaigns that raise awareness and prevent its spread. Current treatments suppress HIV, but do not totally clear it; however, a significant proportion of society believe these drugs cure HIV, which has developed complacency to HIV infection, further highlighting the need for accessible information. Therefore, by using online films this project aims to raise awareness and educate both HIV-positive and -negative individuals about HIV and its continued effects upon society.
We will produce six innovative, educational movies, interviewing real-life individuals:
1) a clinician - explaining how HIV spreads, methods of protection and treatment; 2) a HIV-infected individual - describing their diagnosis, treatment and coping mechanisms; 3) a HIV-negative person whose partner is HIV positive - explaining their life-changing experiences, emotions and methods of protection; 4) a HIV-positive person who was infected since birth describing their life-long experience with HIV; 5) an individual who has lost a loved one to AIDS - describing how they managed the disease and grief; 6) personal interviews with TCD researchers - describing our HRB-funded breakthrough discoveries.
These movies will be hosted on a stand-alone website, making them internationally accessible and will be promoted through TCD's Science Gallery, HIV-Ireland and the HRB. These personal stories and descriptions will provide an up-to-date information bank on HIV, with the aim of reducing infection rates, highlighting our Irish research and helping those affected by HIV to deal with challenges.

Award Date
23 October 2015
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Dr Nigel Stevenson
Host Institution
Trinity College Dublin
Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme