Structured Population Health, Policy and Health Services Research Education

The SPHeRE programme is the leading doctoral programme in Ireland for training the next generation of research leaders in Population Health and Health Services Research. Since 2007, the programme has provided a comprehensive integrated training model that produces graduates with a common understanding of population health and health services research. SPHeRE combines the different strengths of its members to deliver a national PhD training facility across all universities in Ireland.

The aims of the proposed enhanced programme, SPHeRE 3, are: First, improved prioritisation of research carried out in the national interest by SPHeRE scholars through collaboration with a comprehensive network of stakeholders and knowledge users. Second, to ensure the SPHeRE training programme continues to provide scholars with the skills and competencies necessary for successful careers in academic, practice, policy or other settings. Third, to build on the success of SPHeRE in the expansion of a national network of knowledge producers and users. We will do this through (1) strengthening connections with service providers, policy makers and advocacy organisations in the governance of SPHeRE to ensure scholarships and training focus on areas of high priority, (2) engaging with PIs from a broadened set of disciplinary backgrounds to ensure scholars are placed in settings that focus on high priority research questions, (3) engaging with funding agencies to deliver high priority research in an efficient way, and focusing on topics which are not currently addressed, (4) ensuring the training programme delivers state-of-the art knowledge and practices which focus on the skill needs of scholars and employers, (5) recruiting scholars of the highest academic standard in disciplines of need for employers, (6) finding ways to gradually upgrade awareness of, and skills in, population health,
health policy and health services, in the broader academic, policy and health service communities.

Award Date
18 February 2022
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Mary Clarke
Host Institution
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Structured PhD Programme in Population Health and Health Services Research