Stakeholder coalitions to guide future research directions for stuttering treatment: Shaping healthcare delivery and policy

This conference aims to provide current and innovative research and clinical practices in stuttering treatment, thus improving therapy services for those who stutter, informing health policies, and improving the quality of life for the international stuttering community. Stuttering treatment continues to be represented by a range of challenges including high unsuccessful treatment and relapse rates, therapists’ reduced knowledge of interventions, and dissatisfaction with therapy reported by individuals who stutter. Approximately 1% of adults in Ireland stutter (about 45,000 individuals), in addition to at least 5% of children. People who stutter are more likely to experience bullying in school, have mental health difficulties, face workplace challenges, and have difficulty forming relationships. In addition, public services including speech and language therapy are under-resourced and, in some parts of Ireland, not available. Speech and language therapists (SLTs) play a key role in supporting these individuals, so it is essential that current evidence for treatments is provided to them. This conference will include presentations from international specialists and will provide SLTs with the opportunity to participate in practical workshops to support their learning. The target audience is national and international SLTs, those completing research in the area, academics involved in the teaching of student SLTs, and individuals who stutter. Individuals who stutter will play a central part in the conference delivery and will, for example, present on their personal treatment experiences. Outcomes of the event will include enhanced clinical practice internationally, as well as influences on policies in clinical and educational settings. Conference participants and attendees will be recruited for a working group to develop Ireland's first National Clinical Practice Guidelines for the management of stuttering. Additionally, presenters will be eligible to submit their work for possible publication in the International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders as part of a 2023 special issue.

Award Date
26 April 2022
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Principal Investigator
Dr Amy Connery
Host Institution
Trinity College Dublin
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