Speaking Up About Safety (SUAS)

Speaking up about safety concerns is an important aspect of a healthcare professional's role. Our research has shown that in comparison to nurses, junior doctors are particularly poor at speaking up and tend not to report incidents and adverse events, in many cases because they believe it is not their responsibility to do so. Yet, a safety culture is one where everyone feels they have a responsibility for patient safety. PlayDecide-Patient Safety is a serious board game we have developed to encourage junior doctors to speak up. It is an interactive game that has proven popular and effective in raising awareness and facilitating discussion about safety amongst junior doctors. Participants and partners in our research have suggested that the game could be more effective in addressing safety concerns if played with multidisciplinary teams. They have also encouraged us to disseminate the game to a wide range of stakeholders.

The aim of this activity is twofold:

1) To modify the game for use with a multidisciplinary group by including additional story cards from the perspective of different health professionals

2) To develop an instructional video providing a step-by-step guide to the facilitation of the game.

The game is already available as an open access downloadable PDF from the UCD website. The modified game and instructional video will be made available on this site and on HSELand. The game and instructional video will be promoted through the IEHG communications office and newsletter and through HSEland bulk mail shots.


Award Date
28 September 2017
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Eilish McAuliffe
Host Institution
University College Dublin
Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme