RESTRICT - REducing intentional overdose: a mixed methods STudy of means RestrICTion interventions

Suicide and self-harm are serious public health problems, impacting significantly on individuals, families, communities, and health systems. Intentional drug overdose is the most common form of hospital-presenting self-harm and is a frequent method of suicide. Means restriction is an evidence informed measure to prevent suicide and self-harm. Despite this, rates of intentional overdose are increasing in the general population, and few studies have examined the impacts of means restriction interventions on this form of self-harm.   

This research aims to reduce intentional overdose by evaluating the impact and informing the implementation of means restriction interventions. This inter-disciplinary project consists of three interrelated work packages and will adopt an integrated knowledge translation approach utilising the Knowledge to Action and Evidence based Model for the Transfer and Exchange of Research Knowledge frameworks, in addition to multiple innovative methodologies and study designs.  

Work package 1 includes two studies to examine the evidence on emerging trends in intentional overdose and linked suicide risk, and a systematic review of effective means restriction interventions to reduce intentional overdose.

Work package 2 will evaluate the implementation and outcomes of the innovative, community-based Disposal of Unused Medication Properly (DUMP) intervention. 

Work package 3 will involve the co-production and development a best practice evidence and guidance report and educational visual reports for key knowledge users involved in the prevention of self-harm and suicide.   

This project will be supported by a team of leading academics, policy makers and clinicians with expertise in implementation science, public health, psychiatry, psychology, biostatistics, research methodologies and policy development. The project will be strengthened by the integration of lived experience contributions to all stages. The outcomes of this research will inform national policy, support the development and implementation of evidence informed health and mental healthcare service delivery and advance understandings of suicide and self-harm prevention internationally.  

Award Date
22 September 2023
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Dr Caroline Daly
Host Institution
University College Cork
HRB Postdoctoral Fellowships: ARPP 2023