Building a self-management programme for living well with and beyond head and neck cancer

We propose to develop a new programme that empowers survivors of head and neck cancer (HNC) to better manage problems associated with their illness and live well with and beyond HNC. This is important because HNC survivors have many documented unmet care needs and can face significant challenges associated with their condition and its treatment in the longer term.
Currently, there are no intervention programmes and related materials to specifically address the unique support needs of HNC survivors. To achieve this we will use knowledge gained from our active grant to develop a new intervention programme and materials to support and empower HNC survivors to manage the unique consequences of their condition, improve their quality of life and allow them to participate more fully in their lives both at home and in the community. This will have positive knock-on effects on their families, wider society and service planning. Through KEDS, and in collaboration with our survivor and health professional stakeholders, we will develop the intervention programme and intervention materials, and refine them to ensure they are relevant, acceptable and can be feasibly delivered.
Our vision is that this new programme will be evaluated in a full randomised control trial (for which separate funding will be sought) before it is rolled-out on a national basis. This KED activity is a crucial step in moving from knowledge generation to translating knowledge into practice.

Award Date
23 October 2015
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Pamela Gallagher
Host Institution
Irish Cancer Society
Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme