PPI Ignite Award - University College Dublin

UCD in collaboration with 10 partner organisations will develop a PPI network and resource platform called UCD PPI Ignite Connect that will seek to firmly embed patient and public involvement in UCD's research,learning and teaching activities and in its academic processes. The partner organisations include the Ireland East Hospital Group, which is the largest hospital group in Ireland, national patient organisations (Cystic Fibrosis Ireland), umbrella organisations (IPPOSI), the HEAL library network and international patient experience partners from the UK (Oxford University HERG). Over a three year period the ecosystem of partners will further evolve and UCD PPI Ignite Connect will develop partnerships with other Ignite funded national networks and international partners. The network will provide technical assistance, audiovisual and written open access resources as part of a web-based portal in various health-related research areas, ranging from laboratory based and clinical trial research at one end of the spectrum to applied community and public health research on the other end. The purpose of UCD PPI Ignite Connect will be to raise awareness, develop skills, build on and establish effective and sustainable PPI activities and relationships changing organisational culture and practices in relation to PPI at UCD. The work of the UCD PPI Ignite Connect network will involve strengthening of PPI elements in future research applications, training and skills development on how to conduct PPI research with students at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and continuing academic development, the empowerment of community partner organisations to adopt an active role in research, and the sharing of experiences, learning about best practices at local, national and international levels. The UCD PPI Ignite Connect activities are organised in a logic programme framework, which defines measurable goals and outcomes over the three years of the award. These will be refined in collaboration with all partners.


Award Date
25 May 2017
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Thilo Kroll
Host Institution
University College Dublin
PPI Ignite Awards