PPI Ignite Award - Trinity College Dublin

Research is considered "engaged" when it is developed in collaboration with patients, community members and partnering organisations rather than for or about them. Such public and patient involvement improves the relevancy of the research question, the quality of the approach, and the likelihood that what is discovered through the research can and will be used.  Researchers have a responsibility to involve patients and members of the public in research. PPI increases accountability for how public monies are spent and recognises that knowledge exists across society. Trinity College aims to increase public participation in all aspects of its research enterprise and to celebrate exemplars in order to develop a network of good practice that expands and sustains involvement. Researchers, patients and members of the public have stated their desire for help, including training, to advance public and patient involvement in health research. The TCD-PPI Ignite programme dedicates staff and resources to advance genuine partnerships and is governed and advised by patient organisations, community service organisations and healthcare practitioners, as well as researchers involved in groundbreaking health innovation. The TCD-PPI Ignite programme supports PPI by developing best practice tools and other resources, hosting training events that advance a network of practitioners across sectors, and encouraging continuous improvement of the College's efforts to ensure that PPI is celebrated in its research programmes. The PPI Ignite programme is strategically placed within the Faculty of Health Sciences and led by Professor Mary McCarron, an internationally recognised champion of PPI. The PPI Ignite team includes national and recognised practitioners of engaged research and international leaders from patient- and public-facing organisations. Regularly scheduled training workshops, networking events, drop-in clinics, an online module and other resources will advance PPI between community service organisations, healthcare providers, patient organisations, members of the public and researchers, improving how research is done.  


Award Date
25 May 2017
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Mary McCarron
Host Institution
Trinity College Dublin
PPI Ignite Awards