PPI Ignite Award - National University of Ireland Galway

The Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) Ignite Awards aim to promote PPI in health research in Ireland. Our NUI Galway Primary Care PPI group of patients and members of the public were asked to describe what a successful PPI Ignite project would look like (Figure 3). They responded by saying that success would be creating an environment in NUI Galway "where all researchers take it for granted that their research must include meaningful PPI".

To achieve this goal we will establish a PPI Ignite Team to provide support and training in PPI to members of the public and researchers. We will work closely with international partners experienced in PPI and will share our learning with other Irish PPI Ignite centres. We will evaluate how successful we have been at increasing PPI activity during the first three years of funding.

A PPI Ignite office will be set up and run by a Programme Manager and Support Officer. A lay panel of members of the public will provide advice on the activities of the office. Support for researchers and members of the public will be provided both on-line and through a drop-in centre. Training on PPI will be provided to the public and health researchers as well as specific training for individual researchers depending on their needs. An on-line PPI training course will also be developed with other PPI Ignite groups. We will also carry out research to measure our level of success in increasing PPI in NUI Galway at the end of our first three years.

Creating an environment where "all NUI Galway researchers are including meaningful PPI in their research" is unlikely to be achieved in 3 years. NUI Galway have guaranteed funding for a further 3 years to take our PPI work forward.


Award Date
25 May 2017
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Sean Dinneen
Host Institution
National University of Ireland, Galway
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