Perspectives of partners of women who experience mental health issues in the postnatal period

For most families having a baby is a happy occasion. A small number of women, however, suffer from mental health issues following the birth of their baby. Often the womans partner can play an important role in seeking help and supporting the woman and the baby. However, we have very little information on how the partners of women who experience Mental Health Issues in the Postnatal Period respond, or what they need or desire to assist them at this time. Understanding partners experiences is essential if we are to provide the support they need so they can provide the best possible care and support to the woman, her baby and wider family. This study will interview the partners of women who have experienced mental health issues following the birth of their baby. The partners will be recruited from around the country and will be asked to describe their experiences of responding to and supporting the woman, the impact of this time on their relationship with the woman as well as their support needs. They will also be asked if they accessed help and if so what was their experience of the support received, including any barriers or facilitators to accessing support. This information will be used to develop a theory that will be used to inform supports and services provided to partners into the future.


Award Date
26 May 2016
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Jill Atkinson
Host Institution
Trinity College Dublin
Research Training Fellowships for Healthcare Professionals