Neonatal Brain Injury Consortium Ireland

Neonatal brain injury has serious consequences including problems with development and cerebral palsy. Cooling or Hypothermia therapy is the only treatment available but half of all babies still have brain injury. All babies have detailed tests of their brain function using brain imaging and brainwave monitoring. They also have detailed developmental follow-up to plan whether they need further interventions such as physiotherapy or speech therapy. We have also found that babies with brain injury have altered sleep patterns and we will study methods to improve their outcomes. We plan to train PhD students in the newest and most effective methods to monitor and manage these babies. The research group will study the best methods to care for babies and their families and create detailed clinical guidelines. The PhD students will be the experts leading research, innovation and care of these infants in the future.

Award Date
23 February 2018
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Eleanor Molloy
Host Institution
Trinity College Dublin
Collaborative Doctoral Awards