Managing complex multimorbidity in primary care: a multidisciplnary doctoral training programme

This application outlines a Structured Doctoral Training Programme for four PhD students with clinical and research backgrounds. The focus is on primary care delivery for patients who are referred to as having complex multimorbidity, which means that they have multiple long term conditions and are often on ten or more regular medicines. We have brought together a consortium of international, experienced senior researchers and PhD educators to address this topic. Patients with complex multimorbidity have poorer health outcomes and significantly higher healthcare costs. When preparing this application, we met with a group of patients. They told us about the challenges people face following the advice they receive about managing their conditions along with attending doctors and other health professionals. They also highlighted the hidden costs that patients face in managing their conditions. 
The proposed research that the PhD students will undertake will address these issues. This programme will provide evidence and support development of patient-focused interventions to improve care and outcomes in complex multimorbidity. PhD students will be equipped with skills for academic, clinical and policy settings. The programme is supported by a specially convened Patient and Public Participation Panel led by our collaborators from the Primary Care Clinical Trials Network Ireland to ensure a clear focus on patient priorities. The consortium includes post-doctoral and senior experienced academics from a range of disciplines and settings to provide an appropriate blend of expert programme management, supervision and peer support and an opportunity for national and international PhD placements. 
This collaborative doctoral programme in complex multimorbidity in primary care will create a cohort of skilled post-doctoral students who can make a significant future impact on health outcomes for patients with complex multimorbidity. 

Award Date
23 February 2018
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Susan Smith
Host Institution
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Collaborative Doctoral Awards