Interventions for supporting pregnant women's decisions about first caesarean delivery

This cochrane review will collate the best available evidence about interventions for supporting pregnant women's decision-making for first caesarean delivery thereby influencing current clinical practice, local and national guidelines. More evidence is needed to support the promotion of informed choice, involving the woman as a partner in her care pathway. There is the potential to reduce CS rates if the best available interventions are adopted to counsel women in relation to their first mode of birth. Reducing CS rates may lead to long term benefits such as better birth outcomes for subsequent pregnancies, less major puerperal infection, anaesthetic complications, haemorrhage requiring hysterectomy and less neonatal adaptation problems like respiratory issues, hypoglycaemia and hypothermia in term babies (ACOG, 2013). Economic benefits will include less costs due to reduced hospital stay and less maternal and neonatal morbidity (ACOG, 2013).


Award Date
15 September 2016
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Principal Investigator
Professor Maeve O Connell
Host Institution
University College Cork
Cochrane Training Fellowships