NIMBUS group: Neonatal Inflammation and Multiorgan dysfunction and Brain injUry reSearch group

Neonatal brain injury has a many causes and may result in cerebral palsy. Cooling therapy is the only established treatment but 50% of babies treated will die or have disability and so new therapies to reduce brain injury are urgently needed. New-borns who are severely affected also have problems with their heart, liver, lung and kidney function.
We plan to measure the injury to these organs in detail using new techniques to look at the brain, heart and kidneys. This will allow us to target each organ with specific therapies and improve outcomes. We have previously shown that inflammation is increased in these babies and is related to the severity of brain injury and this may be a possible target for future interventions as well as a early good marker to predict their outcome. By understanding inflammation in these babies we can target new treatments to add to cooling therapy to protect their brain and improve outcome.

Award Date
23 October 2015
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Eleanor Molloy
Host Institution
Trinity College Dublin
Health Research Awards