HRB NCTO International Clinical Trials Day Conference 2023 - "Clinical Research in Ireland 2023"

The NCTO International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) event on May 11th 2023 will be a one day conference, celebrating International Clinical Trials Day, launching the calendar of ICTD events which will take place in the CRF/Cs across the network over subsequent weeks and showcase clinical research activities across the HRB funded infrastructure.

The purpose and importance of the event is: 

  1. To promote clinical research in Ireland by raising its profile through the event, highlighting the importance and benefits of clinical research in health care delivery.
  2. To create discussion and debate on clinical research in Ireland 2023 and beyond; what is needed to optimise Ireland's clinical research potential and to address the key issues affecting its delivery currently.
  3. To raise public awareness of ongoing clinical research in Ireland and the benefits and importance of participating in clinical trials.
  4. To promote the impact of health research, data and evidence for patient care and health service delivery.
  5. To showcase ongoing trials led by Irish Investigators and Researchers, in many cases, funded by the HRB with national and international collaborations.
  6. To promote Ireland as a potential leader in clinical research internationally.
  7. To highlight the HRB, DOH and HSE National Strategies for clinical research.
  8. To highlight the importance of current international collaboration, integration and partnership with European networks and promoting further engagement.
  9. To create an opportunity for networking and future national and international collaborations.
  10. To launch and publish a Calendar of Events which will be held across the Network over subsequent weeks to celebrate ICTD.

Target Audience:

The Target audience is members of the HRB NCTO network working in CRF/Cs, clinical trial networks, research organisations and all stakeholders involved in clinical research such as the funding agencies, regulators, Pharma & Med Tech Industries, patients, public and media.

Award Date
26 April 2022
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Joseph Eustace
Host Institution
University College Cork
Conference and Event Sponsorship Scheme