HRB Ireland Perinatal Clinical Trials Network

This application to support an all-island of Ireland clinical trial network for mothers and babies represents a new and exciting collaboration between two established research groups; the Irish Centre for Fetal and neonatal Translational Research (INFANT) and Perinatal Ireland. The main aim of INFANT is to develop novel therapies and devices to treat pregnancy complications and improve outcomes for mothers and babies. INFANT is a public private partnership, funded by Science Foundation Ireland and a range of industry partners and has rapidly become a world-leading centre for innovative research and the development of novel interventions for pregnancy and newborns. Perinatal Ireland is an established and highly successful consortium of clinicians from the seven largest maternity Hospitals on the island of Ireland. Funded by the Health Research Board, Perinatal Ireland has provided strong leadership and a highly productive network of motivated clinicians who have a strong track record in collaborative research. Perinatal Ireland research outputs have already underpinned the development of at least two national clinical guidelines. This application seeks to build on the complementary strength of these two internationally renowned groups to establish a national network for the conduct of clinical trials in pregnancy and newborn babies. Clinical trials in these vulnerable populations are challenging and there are only a handful of such networks globally. This is worrying as adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes can have a devastating effect with life-long consequences for families and they can incur a significant economic burden for healthcare funders. In this application we describe how Ireland is uniquely placed to face these challenges and address this problem. The HRB Ireland Perinatal Clinical Trials Network (HRB IP-CTN) will ensure that Ireland remains an international leader in the delivery of drugs and devices to save the lives and improve the health of mothers and babies globally.

Award Date
12 December 2014
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Fergal Malone
Host Institution
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
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