HRB Centre for Primary Care Research

The HRB Centre for Primary Care Research (CPCR- is focussing on improving the quality and safety of medicines to vulnerable patient groups in Ireland, building upon observational epidemiology completed and published during the first phase of funding. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) interventions in the form of computer-based Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSSs) will enable safer, more rational prescribing, particularly amongst elderly patients and patients with multiple-medical conditions as well as addressing safer prescribing at the primary/secondary care interface. The established Cochrane register of Clinical Prediction Rules (CPRs) will be subject to development of ICT-based decision support in terms of evidence-based management of acute infectious disease in primary care with a focus on rational, cost-effective antibiotic use. A third work package will assess multi-faceted interventions to help patients with multi-morbid conditions, examine medical practice variation in prescribing in terms of patient-centred outcomes and develop interventions that address patient safety in order to combat diagnostic error for 'high stakes' clinical presentations such as cancer and heart disease. Alongside these research deliverables, the CPCR will continue to support and develop clinical and health service researchers through affiliated, HRB-funded research programmes including SPHERE PhD programme and the HRB Clinical Trials network. Collaborating institutions include TCD, NUIG and Queen's University Belfast. Lastly, the CPCR will continue to collaborate and develop international partnerships, building upon the success of the FP7 TRANSFoRm programme (

Award Date
19 June 2014
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Tom Fahey
Host Institution
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Health Research Centre