Towards increased awareness and understanding of the risk of thrombosis in gynaecological cancers

All cancers are associated with an increased risk of clots to the legs and lungs however gynaecological cancers have a particularly high risk. Clots can occur after surgery or during chemotherapy and can be life threatening if they are not treated in time. A recent survey of patients who suffered a clot during their cancer journey showed that, generally, patients are not warned about the risk of clots during cancer and are not told what to look out for.
This proposal will address this particularly for gynaecological cancer patients. A patient information leaflet will be developed and also a speaker who has an interest in this area will speak at a patient information day. The information will also be available on patient support websites and on the Irish Cancer Society website. Guidelines for prevention of blood clots in gynaecological cancer patients were changed in 2012 however a recent survey has shown that only 45% of gynaecologists in Europe were using the new guidelines.
To address this knowledge gap, the applicants will develop a workshop/seminar which will include speakers who are experts in this area providing information for gynaecologists on the most recent developments in the prevention of cancer associated thrombosis. The main grant to which this proposal is linked aims to develop a risk score model to identify high risk patients. The meeting will include a interactive session on the practicalities of using this kind of model in clinical practice and an update on the project to date.

Award Date
23 October 2015
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Dr Lucy Norris
Host Institution
Trinity College Dublin
Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme