Health Economics: the development and analysis of the health technology assessment infrastructure in Ireland and an analysis of the quality

The overall vision is to create conditions that will allow for a sea change in the quantity and quality of health services research in Ireland, addressing specific needs articulated in the policy documents of various stakeholder and; secure NUI Galway's role as a national resource supporting the application of economic methods to health and healthcare. The proposal is to develop four databases that will substantively improve the health services research infrastructure in Ireland; use these to conduct a series of exemplar studies of policy relevance and through collaborative work nationally and internationally using the databases increase the quantity and quality of health services research undertaken in Ireland. 
The specific objectives are to: 

  • develop a unit cost database for non-acute care similar to that produced by the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) in the UK; 
  • develop preference weights for health related quality of life in Ireland for use with the EQ-5D-5L; 
  • develop a database on the quality and characteristics of designated care facilities in Ireland and;
  • facilitate the development of the Irish Primary Care Research Network (IPCRN) database on GP care provision; 
  • conduct a series of exemplar projects in respect of each database that will be addressing an evidenced based policy question demonstrate the value of the databases and encourage other researchers to use them.

By developing and demonstrating the usefulness of this infrastructure, supported by national and international partners, my vision is to open avenues for research that have hitherto been neglected; create a vehicle for researchers to examine these areas while informing policy; develop their researcher skills and increase the quantity and quality of health services research in Ireland. Data will be made available on an open access basis subject to ethical and practical constraints and exemplar projects used to stimulate interest, draw new researchers into health services research, afford direct opportunities to enhance research skills and address issues of significant policy relevance.

Award Date
22 March 2013
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Ciaran O'Neill
Host Institution
National University of Ireland, Galway
Research Leader Awards