FIREFLY: Followup of Inflammatory Responses and multiorgan outcomes FoLlowing neonatal brain injurY

Babies who have brain injury also frequently have involvement of their kideys, lung and heart. Although clinical care in the neonatal period is well defined there are few guidelines and evidence for developmental, heart and kidney followup in childhood. We aim to develop and implement guidelines for health care workers and families on Followup after Neonatal Brain Injury.

Inflammation is an important factor in brain injury of newborns and also affects their heart lungs and other parts of their body. We will use tests from the newborn period to predict outcome and help parents with planning health needs for their baby rather than waiting until any issues arise later on. By understanding inflammation we can find methods to decrease the negative effects and improve outcomes in the future for babies and families.

Award Date
27 June 2019
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Eleanor Molloy
Host Institution
Trinity College Dublin
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