Synthesising and disseminating key lessons from the AIIHPC Palliative Care Research Network

This application for KEDS funding proposes to further enhance knowledge transfer and exchange activities across the SRN/PCRN by conducting a higher level analysis of the dissemination products arising from each individual work project during the final year of the active grant. It is expected that dissemination products will include published papers, conference presentations, interim/final reports to AIIHPC and HRB, and documents relating to archived datasets.
A secondary analysis of these dissemination products will be undertaken by identifying cross-cutting or high level messages from across all dissemination outputs including the final research reports. This analysis represents significant added value to the SRN/PCRN as it will build on the learning from the individual work projects.
Following the identification of these high level messages, the focus of the KEDS project will be the dynamic dissemination of these messages through the implementation of specific KTE activities and products including accessible and engaging video shorts, podcasts, policy briefs and newsletters. These activities will be designed with specialist input from key stakeholders representing researchers, practitioners, policy makers and users and carers of palliative care services to maximise the access and impact of the key messages.

Award Date
23 October 2015
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Ms Paddie Blaney
Host Institution
Our Lady's Hospice
Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme