"Euro Public Health + Consortium: reaching the future through research partnerships"

"Dublin 2023: First joint Euro Public Health + Consortium research seminar: reaching the future through research partnerships": 

The European Public Health Plus program is an intercultural, multidisciplinary master's degree in public health delivered by eight European universities (EHESP School of Public Health, Andalusian School of Public Health - University of Granada, School of Health and Related Research-University of Sheffield, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences - University of Rennes 1, Institute of Public Health - Jagiellonian University Medical College of Krakow, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences - Maastricht University, School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science - University College Dublin, Faculty of Medicine - University of Liege) from Ireland, the UK, Poland, Spain, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. The two-year joint degree allows students to live and study in two cities. The partnership has been an academic success, with seven cohorts graduating over fifteen years to date.

The University College Dublin will host the first Euro Public Health + Consortium joint research seminar in June 2023. Over two days, researchers across the eight consortium institutions will be invited to present their work in the following thematic areas: Health Promotion and Prevention, Health Service Research, One Health, Occupational Health, Global Health and Methods in Public Health. 

The seminar will include discussions on current research opportunities for the discipline in the European Union and Patient Public Involvement (PPI) experiences.

The event will offer excellent opportunities to learn from the latest research and practice from fellow members of the Consortium while opening doors to future research collaborations. As the first hosts, UCD SPHPSS will be uniquely placed to share our School, research, and city with global researchers.

Award Date
26 April 2022
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Dr Carla Perrotta
Host Institution
University College Dublin
Conference and Event Sponsorship Scheme