Early Identification of Suicide and Self-Harm Risk and Comorbid Mental and PHysical Disorders: An INterdisciplinary TrAining, Research and InterventioN Programme (MHAINTAIN)

MHAINTAIN will create a research-through-training network addressing the need for doctoral training and career paths, to improving early identification and intervention of suicide and self-harm risk. The aim of this interdisciplinary consortium is to improve capacity building in the assessment of risk of suicide and self-harm and evidence-based interventions across patient focused research, health services research and population health research. MHAINTAIN will comprise of four research projects involving five PhD scholars and will offer a representative range of research designs and methodological approaches. 

One project will address early identification of risk of self-harm and suicide and co-morbid mental disorders among people diagnosed with cancer and chronic respiratory illnesses. The second project will address the impact of an improved Cognitive Behaviour Therapy programme on self-harm patients in terms of neuropsychological and biological markers. The third project will focus on early identification of risk factors for repeated self-harm in children and adolescents aged 10-18 years. The fourth project will examine services and supports to minimise risk of suicide, self-harm and comorbid mental and physical health outcomes during public health emergencies

With regard to strategic relevance, the MHAINTAIN proposal is timely, while its aims and objectives are in line with key priorities of national and international suicide and self-harm prevention strategies. By combining and integrating expertise from all relevant disciplines, cross-cutting patient focused services, healthcare services and population-based interventions, and involving a wide range of stakeholders, including representatives from patient advocacy, the MHAINTAIN programme, will contribute to improving knowledge and expertise, and therefore making this an innovative training programme for the PhD scholars. In addition, the highly expertised partners will bring added value to the training and research programme by facilitating interdisciplinary research and training placements for the PhD scholars.

Award Date
12 November 2021
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Ella Arensman
Host Institution
University College Cork
Collaborative Doctoral Awards